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Men’s health united kingdom – one zero one most sensible routines - crucial strikes to construct any physique part
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Upward Movement • Curl your torso toward your thighs until your upper back is off the floor. • Keep your lower back and feet flat on the floor. Downward Movement • Allow your torso to uncurl to the initial position. • Do not let your hips lift off the floor. a b 56 Twisting Trunk Curl (BW) Exercise type: alternative Major muscle trained: rectus abdominis Initial Position • Lie faceup on the floor with your feet and lower calves on a bench or chair and your knees and hips at 90-degree angles. • Cross your arms over your chest or abdomen.

The descriptions of exercise technique in this chapter also state the exercise type so you can cross-check them with the exercises in the zone workout tables. For the exercises that also show movements, most use two photos to demonstrate proper technique. The first photo is the initial position and the second photo shows the action by way of movement arrows (if needed). In exercises for which a spotter is recommended, the spotter’s role in the action is shown when possible. Note: Read how to identify exercises that need a spotter in the exercise description for the bench press.

If the woman weighs 120 pounds (55 kg), the trial load is 40 pounds (18 kg) after rounding it down from 42 pounds (19 kg). 4 Example of Calculating the Trial Load Exercise BW Factor Trial load Repetitions completed Adj. 27 = ____ ____ ____ ____ * Rounded down from 42 pounds. 3. ) Do not be concerned if the trial load is too light or too heavy to use as the actual load for your first workout; the next step explains how to make adjustments. Note, though, that if the weight is light enough that you can perform over 20 repetitions, you can stop at 20; there is no extra benefit to perform more than 20.

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