Д. Харпер ''Обзор монет США 6-е издание'' by David C. Harper

By David C. Harper

От автора:
Полный справочник по американским монеты начиная от колониальных и до настоящего времени. Включает цветные фотографии высокого качества, а так же цены в зависимости от сохранности. Каталог составлен ведущими экспертами американского монетного рынка. Цены тоже американские.

От себя
Справочник удобен, можно использовать в качестве манколиста

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Williamson) quoting George F. Jones's Coin Collectors' Manual of 1860: "The 'Proof Sets,' so called, contained the Silver Dollar, Half Dollar, Quarter Dollar, Dime, Half Dime, Three Cent Piece and Cent, and have been issued regularly since 1840, with the exception of the year 1853, in which no proofs were coined. e. 1858? " There are several remarkable things about this contemporaneous notice. Not only does it support the view that cased proof sets were sold in limited quantities in the forties, but it also accounts for the extreme rarity of proofs dated 1853.

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