The Boeing B-47 (Profile Publications Number 83) by Peter M. Bowers

By Peter M. Bowers

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18 4QPss (4Q98b) [Skehan, "Litterature de Qumran," 815-16; Skehan, "Gleanings from Psalms Texts," 445-48; Flint, "Psalters at Qumran," 43-44]. Only two fragments survive of this manuscript, which is written in prose format and dates from 50 CE or later. 49 Although too little text survives on which to base a thorough orthographic analysis, there are indications that the orthography is mixed. so The first piece, which contains parts of Psalms 5:86:1, may come from the bottom of a column, while the second small fragment preserves portions of Ps 88:15-17.

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