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Low brake fluid warning light: When the ignition key is in the ON position, the light warns of a low brake fluid level. If the light comes on while the engine is running, stop the vehicle and perform the following: 1. Check the brake fluid level. Add brake fluid as necessary. See “Brake and clutch fluid” in the “8. Do-it-yourself” section. 2. If the brake fluid level is correct: Have the warning system checked by a NISSAN dealer. ¼ Your brake system may not be working properly if the warning light is on.

The seat belt should be worn snug, and always position the lap belt as low as possible around the hips, not the waist. Place the shoulder belt over your shoulder and across your chest. Never run the lap/shoulder belt over your abdominal area. 22/R50-D/V5 ੭ doctor for specific recommendations. INJURED PERSONS NISSAN recommends that injured persons use seat belts, depending on the injury. Check with your doctor for specific recommendations. SSS0018 THREE-POINT TYPE SEAT BELT WITH RETRACTOR ¼ Every person who drives or rides in this vehicle should use a seat belt at all times.

All US states and provinces of Canada require the use of approved child restraints for infants and small children. See “Child restraints” later in this section. In addition, there are many types of child 1-24 restraints available for larger children which should be used for maximum protection. NISSAN recommends that all preteens and children be restrained in the rear seat if possible. According to accident statistics, children are safer when properly restrained in the rear seat than in the front seat.

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