A bride most begrudging by Deeanne Gist

By Deeanne Gist

Whilst girl Constance Morrow ?nds herself held opposed to her will aboard a boat sure for the yank colonies--a send ?lled with "tobacco brides" and felons--she is kind of certain that once she arrives she is going to ?nd an affordable guy who will think her father is an earl and ship her again at the subsequent send to England. as an alternative she meets Drew O'Connor, a decided Colonial farmer who's approximately as headstrong as she is. Drew wins Constance as his bride yet quickly realizes he has taken on even more than he bargained for

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Rescue me. Please! The crewman’s smell reached her before he did. “The call to reckoning has come, wench. Up with ye, now. ” In a pig’s eye, she thought. A great calm settled upon her. She slowly unfurled, pulled herself into a sitting position, and looked up to see who had the late night watch. Arman. A beastly excuse of a man. He removed the lock attaching her to the wall and pulled the chain from around her waist. Grabbing the irons around her wrists, he yanked her to her feet. The room swirled round, but Arman gave her no time to gain her sea legs.

It was the first time she’d done so since this whole ordeal began. Lifting her hands above her head, she leaned her face toward the heavens and twirled in a circle. The kerchief around her head slipped off. Closing her eyes, she stopped spinning and offered up a word of prayer and thanksgiving. She opened her eyes to find O’Connor frozen in the pathway. “Thank you,” she whispered. ” He gave no indication of having heard her. She searched the ground for her kerchief. She would have a devil of a time cramming all her intractable hair back into it.

It didn’t. ” His face warmed by several degrees. “As it happens, Miss Lady of the Realm, my dear mother, God rest her soul, had a peculiar penchant for cleansing one’s person on a regular basis. ” Constance gasped. “Every day! Surely you jest. Why, it’s unhealthy to bathe so often. ” “I’ll tell you what all. It extracts the livestock from one’s head and the layers of grime from one’s person. ” she squealed. ” “That’s, that’s …” She crossed herself. ” Josh’s eyebrows lifted. Mary fanned herself with her hand.

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