A Companion to Pastoral Care in the Late Middle Ages, by Ronald J. Stansbury

By Ronald J. Stansbury

Utilizing a number of assets and disciplinary angles, this booklet indicates the various and sundry ways that pastoral care got here to play such an incredible function within the each day lives of medieval humans. 1 quantity, 335-page, 17-chapter, English-language survey of research of medieval pastors (priests, bishops, abbots, abbesses, popes, etc.) and their courting to their respective congregations (1215-1536).

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More recently, Susan Keefe’s Water and the Word: Baptism and the Education of Clergy in the Carolingian Empire (Notre Dame, 2002) has a comprehensive account of those “catechetical” works meant for the education of clergy and instruction of believers that came about as a result of the Carolingian reform program. 8 Ælfric of Eynsham had an especially strong concern for ensuring that the English laity received adequate religious instruction. See especially Milton McC. Gatch, Preaching and Theology in Anglo-Saxon, England: Ælfric and Wulfstan (Toronto, 1977), pp.

3 Councils and Synods, with other Documents Relating to the English Church, II: AD 1205–1313, eds. M. R. Cheney (Oxford, 1964), 2:900. 5 Since its genesis, the Apostles’ Creed (along with the Nicene and Athanasian) has served as one of the foundations of Christian life in association with the sacrament of Baptism. 8 As such, much of the catechesis discussed in the present essay was not new in the thirteenth century, but rather received new and stronger emphasis as the reform movement of the twelfth century gathered steam and culminated in the Lateran Council of 1215 and reforming drive of the following decades.

46 Migne, PL 155, col. 2052D: “Heu! ” 47 Migne, PL 155, col. ” 43 38 ronald j. stansbury These twelfth- and early thirteenth-century masters were convinced that the meaning of the biblical text had deeply practical, moral and salvific implications for society at large. Richard of St. ” In one of his sermons to priests he wrote, “Consider, dearest brothers, the divine office imposed on us. Consider the care, concern and labor of the priests. ”48 He calls preachers to be faithful in their prophetic ministry.

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