A course in continuum mechanics, vol. 1: Basic equations and by L. I. Sedov, J. R. M. Radok

By L. I. Sedov, J. R. M. Radok

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S ow ex a at1on All SlRlE5 vs SlRlE4 1 S3R3E5,S3R5~5 SlRlE3 vs SlRlE2 Expiration s Compared 1 Subject No. ) '-J :E r 0 -n )> Cll G> -< :0 -t 0 :0 )> "tJ X m -n 0 s: Cll z c;; )> ::c (") s: m c=; s: )> z-< 0 WILLIS G. DOWNING, JR. 28 V or earlier if resistance to increased over resistance · LE to VL~· The rest of the data points were used for comparison except where 1) parameter values were omitted because of low t values or low multiple correlation coefficient or 2) obvious relaxation by a subject from a maximal exhalation occurred.

J. Nagels, M. Demedts, L. P. " J. Appl. Physiol. 41(1) :101-106, 1976. THE PRESSURE/FLOW RELATION IN BRONCHIAL AIRWAYS ON EXPIRATION Jay C. Hardin and James C. Yu NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va. John L. Patterson and Waring Trible, Jr. Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va. ABSTRACT This paper reports an experimental effort to determine the work of breathing caused by resistance to flow through the branching bronchial tree of the human lung. The earliest attempts to quantify this resistance employed the assumption of laminar Poiseuille flow through the bronchi which led to values much lower than expected from clinical tests.

N1nu :n nr :::: :n: Pi; :nn:um Pi .... :::: fl=; nH l ;; : J;: : ~~: -~:! t nH ::1~ i-P: ~:n ~~; ~In ~i .. :ii :::; iii! iii ii'i ~H PI .... .... :_ :~: ; ::H ~L:: . J! : ... Figure 3 . . . "" :::; :: ::;: ::;; ;::: :;; Typica l Strip Chart Recordings for Single Exhala tions 1. Pres s ure Ac ross Lungs. 2 . Expiratory Gas Flow. WILLIS G. DOWNING, JR. 24 Figures 4 and 5 show some results of single breath analysis of the lung resistance parameter. The resistance parameter for both unidirectional and superimposed sinusoidal flow-pressure is charted for single exhalations over successive tenth volume ranges of the exhalation.

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