A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera by De-Yuan Hong

By De-Yuan Hong

Codonopsis and its allied genera, are a gaggle of crops that are vital in financial system and horticulture. A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae s. str.) deals its viewers finished wisdom of those vegetation together with palynology, cytology, inhabitants biology, morphological description, geographical distribution with vouchers mentioned, very good ink illustrations, and colour pictures, and keys to genera and to species.

This first-class paintings will facilitate identity of appropriate crops, use of plant assets, evaluation of endangered states, the improvement of conservation concepts, and may advertise systematic and evolutionary examine of this group.

  • Provides complete descriptions and classifications of Codonopsis and allied genera
  • Richly illustrated with line drawings and top quality colour photographs
  • Delineates and clarifies the relationships of Codonopsis and its allied teams in keeping with the analyses utilizing info from exterior morphology, pollen morphology, chromosomes, and molecular biology

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D. Y. Hong, and P. ) D. Y. Hong. (Figures II 2: 3, m–t; Figures II 2: 4, a–f ). Type 4. Seeds ovoid-ellipsoid, winged, with wing at the distal end of hilum. Transection of seed body elliptic. Lumina striate, with length/width over 5. Radial walls wider than lumina, smooth, without secondary ornamentations. In transection radial walls elevated, tangential walls depressed, radial walls as wide as cell cavity. Observed samples: Codonopsis lanceolata (Sieb. ) Trautv. and C. ussuriensis (Rupr. ) Hemsl.

Hong (E. lobophyllus) 8 Hong, 1984 8 TABLE II 4:1╇ Chromosome Numbers in the Platycodonoid Group (= Tribe Cyanantheae) of the Campanulaceae s. —cont’d Taxa n 2n Basic Number (x) Inferred References Himalacodon D. Y. Hong & Q. Wang (Codonopsis subg. Obconicicapsula D. Y. Hong) H. , 2014a 7 34 Zakharyeva & Astanova, 1969 17 Ostrowskia Regel O. magnifica Pankycodon D. Y. Hong & X. T. Ma (Codonopsis subg. Codonopsis, p. ) P. ) A. DC. P. grandiflorus 9 Pseudocodon D. Y. Hong & H. Sun (Codonopsis subg.

Subsp. thalictrifolia, from Tibet: Nyalam, by Fu-Sheng YANG; d, Codonopsis bulleyana Forrest ex Diels, from Sichuan: Muli by You-Sheng CHEN; e, Codonopsis inflata Hook. f. , from Tibet: Jomda, by Fu-Sheng YANG; h, Himalacodon dicentrifolius (C. B. Clarke) D. Y. Hong & Q. ) D. Y. Hong & X. T. Ma, from Tibet: Nyalam, by Xin-Tang MA & De-Yuan HONG; j, Pseudocodon grey-wilsonii (J. M. H. Shaw) D. Y. ) W. J. ) Kurz, from Tibet: Mêdog, by De-Yuan HONG. 20â•… A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera Biology╇Chapter | 2â•… 21 FIGURE II 1:9â•… Stamens with a special reference to filaments in Codonopsis and allied genera.

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