A New Approach to Scientific Computation by Ulrich W. Kulisch, Willard L. Miranker

By Ulrich W. Kulisch, Willard L. Miranker

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The condition number of the 21x21 Hilbert 30 matrix is approximately 10 , and is the Hilbert matrix of largest dimension exactly storable on that computer. To achieve this accuracy and, especially, to give only true results a precisely defined arithmetic is necessary. 0 with exactly representable operands. Therefore, we define a computer arithmetic in the first chapter. The theoretical background and the required algorithms for certain classes of problems are given in the succeeding chapters. The algorithms have been implemented on a minicomputer based on Z80 with a 64 k Byte memory.

Implementierung eines ALGOL-60 Systems mit Schrankenzahlen, Electron Datenverarb. 10, 189-194. Wolff von Gudenberg, J. Evaluation of the standard functions in generalized comput­ er arithmetic. Wolff von Gudenberg, J. (1980). Einbettung allgemeiner Rechnerarithmetik in Ulrich Kulisch 26 [29] [30] [31] PASCAL mittels eines Operatorkonzeptes und Implementierung der Standardfunktionen mit optimaler Genauigkeit. Dissertation, Universitat Karlsruhe. , et al. (1979). A proposed standard for floating-point arithmetic, SIGNUM Newsletter.

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