A Woman of the Horseclans: A Horseclans Novel by Robert Adams

By Robert Adams

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You see, the first Horseclans all were patrilineal. but a few generations ago, one of the high-plains clans — Clan Danyuhlz, I think it was — lost all of their adult men in some manner or other, including all who possessed direct claim to the chieftainship, and so, rather than see the name of an old and noted clan lost forever, irredeemably, the next tribal council decided that the eldest living son of the late chiefs eldest sister should be chief, taking his mother’s rather than his father’s surname.

Solomon Claxton, youngest son of the Elder of this Abode, had just seen to the proper placements of the first shift of night guards. Now, in the guardroom. alone save for the snoring second shift, he had just seated himself at the table by the lamp and opened his ancient, well-worn bible when the dogs Set up a ferocious clamor from the kennel. Solomon was reading this night from the Book of Judges, his thick lips shaping out each word painfully as his horny finger drew his eyes to it. But the prematurely gray farmer had barely commenced when one of the section leaders of the first shift, Ehud Manchester, strode hurriedly into the long, narrow room.

She had learned that this was Tim’s second raid, Though he had slain two foemen on his first raid — proven, well-witnessed kills, both of them, one with an arrow, one close on, with the saber — he personally had seized no notable loot, although he had of course shared in that loot apportioned to his clan from the proceeds of the raid. He now was immensely pleased at the good fortune he had enjoyed in capturing her, a comely, young and obviously fertile woman. She had earned that Tim Krooguh was only four years her senior, he being not quite of eighteen winters.

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