Ada, a life and a legacy by Stein D.

By Stein D.

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the numerous layers of fantasy to bare a narrative way more dramatic and engaging than past debts have indicated

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Ada, a life and a legacy

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the various layers of fantasy to bare a narrative way more dramatic and interesting than prior debts have indicated

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We have taken some snapshots of different parts of our cultural development which have made important use of the concept of impossibility, both as a constraint on human actions and by way of contrast with the concept of a Being for whom nothing is an impossibility. Impossibility has played a stimulating role in art through the creation of impossible figures. In philosophy, paradoxes have been of persistent interest, leading to profound new considerations of the problems of the infinite and the nature of language, truth, and logic.

15 This is by no means a new claim. In 1932, the influential mathematician and physicist, Hermann Weyl considered this question in some detail, arguing that Many people find that modern science is far removed from God. I find, on the contrary, that it is much more difficult today for the knowing person to approach God from history, from the spiritual side of the world, and from morals; for there we encounter the sufferings and evil in the world which it is difficult to bring into harmony with an all-merciful and all-mighty God.

8 Stent thought that science was reaching the end of the road—but not because it was getting too expensive. He thought that the great discoveries had been made and science was heading towards a future of baroque elaboration, subjectivism, and introspection already to be found in many of the creative arts. History teaches us that the ancients harked back to a mythical Golden Age when a privileged race of mortal men lived on Earth in a state of paradise. According to Greek legend, this state of earthly bliss ended when Pandora lifted the lid of her box and released a host of previously unknown evils into the world.

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