Advances in lipid research. Volume 5 by Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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Conclusions Which Appear Probable or Certain 97 C. Questions for Future Study 100 Summary 108 References 109 I. Introduction The last decade has brought a growing awareness that adipose tissue is a metabolically active and hormonally responsive tissue. The historic landmarks in the experimental development of this subject have been: demonstration that hormonal stimuli are capable of causing an acute mobilization of stored lipid (Best and Campbell, 1936); demonstration that stored triglycéride undergoes constant metabolic turnover (Schoenheimer and Rittenberg, 1936); introduction of in vitro techniques for observing the metabolic activities and hormonal responses of adipose tissue (Shapiro and Wertheimer, 1948; White and Engel, 1958a; Gordon and Cherkes, 1958; Winegrad and Renold, 1958a,b; Scow et al, 1962; Rodbell, 1964); demonstration that circulating free fatty acids (FFA) represent the form in which stored triglycéride is mobilized (Gordon and Cherkes, 1956; Dole, 1956; Laurell, 1956); use of C14-labeled substrates in vitro for quantitative study of the interdigitating metabolic pathways for glucose and fatty acid metabolism within the fat cell (Flatt and Ball, 1964, Laudau and Katz, 1964); investigations, still in an early stage, of the enzymes involved in the intermediary metabolism of the fat cell and in its hormonal responses (Korn and Quigley, 1957; Rizack, 1961; Vaughan et al, 1964a; Klainer et al, 1962; Martin et al, 1961).

In contrast to the thorough investigation of the young rat's adipose tissue, only a few studies have been devoted to this organ in the rat > 350 gm ( > 7 months); these results nevertheless diverge in several respects from the conclusions reached with the tissue of the younger animal. Consequently Section II,A-E will summarize the present view on the younger rat's epididymal adipose tissue, while Section F will be concerned with the information on the older animal's tissue. A. YOUNG RAT'S ADIPOSE TISSUE in Vitro: GLUCOST!

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