AN 08-10-94 SCR-578-A,B Radio Transmitter (maint.) (Mil TM)

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I" is the letter used by engineers to represent current. No, I don't know why. Maybe it's because "C" usually stands for electrical capacitance or the speed of light. To put watts in familiar terms, power was probably first described in terms of equivalent working horses. For example, horses were formerly used to lift coal or metal ore up a mineshaft. Pulling on a pulley mine hoist, a typical horse might lift 550 pounds up one foot in one second. This was defined as one horsepower. It turns out that: 746 watts = 1 horsepower = 550 pounds lifted one foot each second.

There’s still plenty of voltage across the light socket terminals. You could put your finger in the socket to test it, but current would flow through your finger and, with household voltage, that is a very bad idea. Voltage = Electrical Pressure Voltage, electrical pressure, is measured in VOLTS. 5 volts of electrical pressure. Household power has about 120 volts pressure. 5 volts is harmless to people, while handling a hundred times that much is dangerous. Sticking your fingers in light sockets can be fatal.

They are powered by “slip rings” that bring DC current in from outside to the moving rotor. Using an electro-magnet for a rotor allows the output voltage from the generator to be controlled by varying the strength of the current that maintains the magnetic field. This is how the voltage regulator in your car keeps the battery charged, but not over-charged. A sinewave voltage from an alternator obviously has only one frequency because the input shaft can turn at only one speed. And because of the direct way the waveform is generated, the sinewave is as natural as the mathematical formula that expresses it.

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