An Instructor’s Solutions Manual to Accompany Mechanics of by James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno

By James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno

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Passes through each davit and supports two pulleys, one on each side of the davit. Cables attached to the lifeboat pass over the pulleys and wind around winches that raise and lower the lifeboat. The lower parts of the cables are vertical and the upper parts make an angle ␣ ϭ 15° with the horizontal. The allowable tensile force in each cable is 1800 lb, and the allowable shear stress in the pins is 4000 psi. If the lifeboat weighs 1500 lb, what is the maximum weight that should be carried in the lifeboat?

In. pϭ 275 ksi 1000 Ab ϭ dt dϭ 5 in. 6-2 Truss members supporting a roof are connected to a 26-mm-thick gusset plate by a 22 mm diameter pin as shown in the figure and photo. The two end plates on the truss members are each 14 mm thick. Truss member (a) If the load P ϭ 80 kN, what is the largest bearing stress acting on the pin? (b) If the ultimate shear stress for the pin is 190 MPa, what force Pult is required to cause the pin to fail in shear? 6-3 The upper deck of a football stadium is supported by braces each of which transfers a load P ϭ 160 kips to the base of a column [see figure part (a)].

Find the magnitude of the load P. 004848 (Elongation) âϭ Ϫ Because ␴ Ͻ ␴Y, Hooke’s law is valid. 0 in. 01 in. (see figure). The polyethylene bar is then compressed by an axial force P. At what value of the force P will the space between the nylon bar and the steel tube be closed? 01 in. 5-4 A prismatic bar with a circular cross section is loaded by tensile forces P ϭ 65 kN (see figure). 75 m and diameter d ϭ 32 mm. It is made of aluminum alloy with modulus of elasticity E ϭ 75 GPa and Poisson’s ratio ␷ ϭ 1/3.

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