Anauroch (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms by Troy Denning

By Troy Denning

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Bedine war parties harry the Zhents from all sides with arrows, and scatter at night into small bands camped wide distances apart, so Zhents seeking revenge have to hunt them by night instead of traveling on to the next oasis; the invading army must travel on, or lose its riding and packcamels to lack of food and water (the Bedine camel herds are limited in size by the available forage in the desert; the huge Zhentarim army needs far more beasts than any one oasis can support). To counterattack means to starve the camels.

Perhaps,” Lander agreed. ” “Good. For that, we would charge extra,” Bhadla said . . DMs should portray D’tarig as suspicious, taciturn, even sullen folk who are too short to wield long swords or longer and heavier weapons, and whose stature forces them into comical climbs into camel and horse saddles. Otherwise, they should be considered normal humans, save that a few (10%) seem to have inherited the uncanny sense of direction (even in dark, underground, or unfamiliar surroundings) possessed by many dwarves.

Deep purple gives way to the blackness of night (unless or until 35 the heavens as a punishment: to preserve her breathtaking beauty, but keep her forever frozen and helpless. ” Some believe it to be the Eye of Evil, or the Hole That Leads To Darkness; some Bedine tribes believe that this place is N’asr’s Tent, the dwelling-place of the Lord of the Dead. Most Bedine call it the Circle of Swords (the shining scimitars of the greatest Bedine gathered by N’asr) or the Circle of Coins (thrown on high by the gods, to taunt poor men).

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