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Med. 338:161–65 Nussenblatt RB, Fortin E, Schiffman R, Rizzo L, Smith J. vanVeldhuisen P, Sran P, Yaffe A, Goldman CK, Waldmann TA, Whitcup SM. 1999. Treatment of non-infectious intermediate and posterior uveitis with the humanized anti-Tac monoclonal antibody: a phase I/II clinical trial. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 141114 Annu. Rev. Immunol. 2003. 141114 Copyright c 2003 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved First published online as a Review in Advance on October 16, 2002 CD8 T CELL RESPONSES TO INFECTIOUS PATHOGENS Annu.

Rev. Immunol. 21:29-70. org by HINARI on 09/01/07. For personal use only. SGM LaTeX2e(2002/01/18) P1: FHD PAMER advances in our understanding of CD8 T cell priming are of particular relevance to antimicrobial immunity. How important are CD8 T cells in antimicrobial defense? The answer to this question is not simple, since many arms of the adaptive and innate immune system functionally overlap with CD8 T cells during immune defense. While adoptively transferred CD8 T cells can protect immunologically na¨ıve individuals from lethal infection, or control viral infection in immunocompromised recipients, individuals with defects in the MHC class I antigen processing pathway are remarkably resistant (with some important exceptions) to pathogens that induce CD8 T cell responses.

Phillip Wong and Eric G. org Key Words cytotoxic T lymphocytes, microbial immunity, bacteria, viruses, protozoans ■ Abstract CD8 T cells respond to viral infections but also participate in defense against bacterial and protozoal infections. In the last few years, as new methods to accurately quantify and characterize pathogen-specific CD8 T cells have become available, our understanding of in vivo T cell responses has increased dramatically. Pathogenspecific T cells, once thought to be quite rare following infection, are now known to be present at very high frequencies, particularly in peripheral, nonlymphoid tissues.

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